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hi guys!!!! coming on very briefly to say a happy happy happy HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday to marky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you!!!!!

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Amy Adams in The Muppets

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A bewildered Louis realizing he doesn’t have fan art to show off, who then overcomes this obstacle by snatching the one Harry is holding- concluding his story with a proud smile for his achievements. +

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Is that really the worst feeling in the world, though? God, you must live a really great life then. Stop being so ignorant, because for millions of people their worst feeling is not eating or getting a good shelter to cover them from rain so fuck you.

- Anonymous

there seems to be this misconception that just bc you’re a middle class person in america means you’re not aloud to have problems which is ridiculously untrue

yes there are people who have it worse and yes i have it better than some people but granted it still hurts when people don’t wanna be friends with me and i still cry when i get yelled at and that doesn’t mean i’m ignorant bc of it because im a human and humans feel emotion and pain and frankly i’d be worried if you didn’t get upset or feel hurt bc its natural and human!!!

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